Tr3house NFT

Get your own 3D metaverse treehouse and help us support homes for people and animals everywhere!

Mint Your Tr3house
3D render of digital treehouse


Suitable habitats are in ever shorter supply for both people and animals. Tr3house NFT seeks solutions which combine safe and affordable housing with environmental sustainability. We believe it is possible to ensure housing for all while incorporating green solutions like solar power, repurposed and recycled materials, geothermal heating, and carbon emission offset.

Your Tr3house NFT will not only look insanely cool in the metaverse, it will also serve as your membership to Tr3house. Our goal is to build a community aligned around our vision to help direct our public goods activities through governance and voting.


Phase One

Series One Tr3houses are minted and released into the Metaverse. Community platform released to facilitate communication, proposals, and voting by Tr3house members.

Phase One will end with the community making their first donation

Phase Two

As the community grows, so does the inspiration of our master Tr3house Builders! Our digital treetop carpenters will be hard at work to deliver Series Two Tr3houses with even more features and added options to customize your space after minting.

Phase Two will end with the release of Series Two Tr3houses.

Phase Three

Throughout Phase Three, the community will look for new initiatives to support which align with the Tr3house vision.

Members will help to formalize a proposal submission process to make it simple for anyone in the community to propose an initiative for funding. Proposals will be reviewed by Series One NFT holders and then accepted for voting or rejected.

Projects accepted for voting will then go to the community for a vote. We will continue to seek community guidance and feedback to direct our work.



Software Developer

Jearranai Jujaroen

Mobile & Web Developer

Sarah Schwartz

Web Developer

Sarah Naghmi

Metaverse asset integration research

Headshot of Dawn Kelly

Dawn Kelly

Solidity & Webflow developer

Made in 2022 for Web3 Con Hackathon: Web3 Builders, Team C